Workplace Enhancements for Improving Productivity

Workplace Enhancements for Improving Productivity

Your once inspired company is suddenly stuck in a non-stop lag, where employees’ productivity is at an all-time low. How does it happen? It could be the result of several factors.

Perhaps employees have individual situations outside of work that are bleeding into their work hours or the monotony of the job has made them less enthusiastic. It’s not a time to panic; if anything it’s a time for action. There are many ways to enhance productivity in a company and breathe some new life into the work environment.

Here are three tactics to consider:

Ease up on the meetings
Oftentimes companies get stuck in this vacuum of having meetings about meetings preventing employees from spending more time doing their actual jobs. By the time they return to their desks from multiple meetings, they’re already drained. A simple solution is to change the meeting schedule to provide for fewer and shorter meetings.

Implement a break routine
Working non-stop is actually far less productive than taking breaks in between. Some employees feel guilty about break time and may power through, only to be less productive than they would have been with a break. The same way children in school have recess or teachers have prep time, you and your team can have preparation time as well. These can be coffee breaks, decompressing breaks, anything you’d like to call them. The important thing is to let employees know its okay to take a few minutes to refresh themselves so they can return to work feeling renewed.

Don’t hover
The knee-jerk reaction to noticing employees lacking productivity is to start policing their everyday routine. Resist the urge to do it. Yes, you’re the boss and you want work done, but policing them is not the way to go. If anything, be more sympathetic. Hold a discussion over lunch where they can voice their frustrations. Listen to their concerns. You may find that you can change your company’s productivity with a simple attitude adjustment for your employees and even yourself.

Workplace Enhancements for Improving Productivity
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Workplace Enhancements for Improving Productivity
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