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What To Know About Employee Sweepstakes And Contests

The DOs and DON’Ts Of Employee Sweepstakes And Contests

In this era of transient workforces, employees can use a much-needed pat on the back to let them know that they are valued within their company, whether as a bonus, a gift or praise. Contests and sweepstakes can be a way to reward employees, break down barriers, boost morale, and just have fun. As you…

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3 Tips To Survive New York’s Employee Paid Family Leave

Does New York’s Employee Paid Family Leave Have Your Company In Disarray? Here Are 3 Tips To Handle It

As of january 1, 2018, New York will have its new Paid Family Leave Benefits Law (PFLBL) go into effect. Employees working for New York companies are entitled to a partial salary replacement, should they take leave for a number of situations. Those include assisting their family when another family member is deployed by the…

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